Flyp Portable Handheld Nebulizer

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Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, Flyp™ fits in your pocket.

It’s the virtually silent nebulizer. And it has HypersoniQ™ technology, which utilizes an internal disk that vibrates at an ultrasonic speed. When medication passes through the disk’s holes, it produces an inhalable aerosol. Because the disk vibrates 2,000 times faster than a hummingbird’s wings, the time it takes to dispense the medication is greatly shortened to about 7 minutes for most medications.

    • Lightweight, pocket portable
    • Whisper quiet
    • 8 treatments between recharges
    • Treatment time, approx. 7 minutes
    • No masks, tubes or filters, just fill, click, breathe
    • A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product. See how to submit your prescription.

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Product Description

Unlike traditional nebulizers, Flyp was created to fit into your life — making it easier to follow your prescribed treatment plan.

Smaller than a smartphone, Flyp disappears in your pocket.

While other nebulizers can take up to 20 minutes to dispense 3ml of medication, Flyp is nimble, getting the job done in about 7 minutes.

Unlike the nebulizers you may be used to, Flyp is designed without cumbersome tubes or control units. Just fill, click, breathe.

And it’s the nebulizer rechargeable via USB. So a quick charge will last up to ten treatments. And there’s no need for expensive batteries.

Flyp is whisper quiet thanks to HypersoniQ technology. Its internal disk vibrates at an ultrasonic speed — 2,000 times faster than a hummingbird’s wings.

Flyp is quite possibly the most discreet nebulizer there is. You’ll never have to fear for your next breath; it’ll always be there for you, tucked away in your pocket.


  • Weight: 3.6 oz
  • Power Supply: portable lithium ion battery
  • Warranty: 3 years

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