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Everything you need to know

Upon arrival to the lab you will be greeted by one of our friendly and professional sleep technologists. The technologist will explain the entire sleep study process and answer any questions you may have. You will be given time to prepare for bed and complete your normal nighttime routines.

Prior to bedtime, the sleep tech will place a number of tiny electrodes on you to monitor your brainwaves, heart rate, muscle activity, breathing and snoring. We will also monitor the level of oxygen in your blood and the movement of your chest and abdomen.  None of these electrodes are painful. They are all designed to be as comfortable as possible. The sensors may feel strange on your skin at first. But most people get used to them very quickly. They should not be an obstacle that keeps you from falling asleep.

Your sleep technologist will monitor you throughout the night. The technologist is located at a monitoring station a short ways away from your sleep room. You will be able to contact the technologist throughout the night for anything you may need. The tech can provide extra blankets, fans, white noise machines or other comfort items. You are free to use the bathroom as needed. The wires are connected in a way that allows you to get up and leave the bed without having to remove them.

Depending on what type of study was ordered by your physician, the technician may start therapy for sleep apnea during the night. This will all be explained and reviewed with you prior to the start of the study. Our technologists are experts at finding therapy interfaces that are comfortable and the best fit for each individual. Our labs carry multiple styles and sizes of interfaces, allowing you to choose the most comfortable option for you.

The study results are generally available to your doctor within 1 week after your study. Sunset Sleep Labs also has sleep specialists available during the day to answer any questions you may have after your sleep study.


Sunset Sleep Disorders Center has been diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disorders since 2004. We have sleep centers throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties and are contracted with all major medical insurances including Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Medicare.

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