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We are Sleep Experts

Our physicians are board-certified in sleep medicine and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our sleep technicians are professionally trained and certified and have many years of experience in administering diagnostic testing and treatment.

We are in network with your Insurance

Choosing an in network provider will save you money and provide you with the best coverage for your sleep study. An out of network provider can cost you much, much more. Sunset Sleep Labs is an in network, contracted provider for most insurance plans, including Medicare, Anthem, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare and many others. We will provide you with a clear and accurate estimate for your plan prior to your sleep study.

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We are an Accredited Facility

As a patient, you have a right to know just how qualified your healthcare providers are when you go in for testing or treatment. Sunset Sleep Labs is accredited by ACHC and follows all their guidelines and standards.

What is Healthcare Accreditation?

Accreditation is the gold standard by which referring physicians and potential patients can evaluate the range of services offered in any given medical specialty. Professional healthcare accreditation has been shown to lead to improvements in both patient care and outcomes in all specialties.

In some fields, accreditation is often required for reimbursement of many healthcare services, especially for Medicare patients—even if state regulations don’t demand it.

Strict parameters guide accredited sleep facilities and the professionals who work there, which means patients can be confident in the quality of service they receive.


Sunset Sleep Disorders Center has been diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disorders since 2004. We have sleep centers throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties and are contracted with all major medical insurances including Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Medicare.

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